Where it all started

My interest in videography began in my high school digital-media class. This class introduced me to cameras, editing, and my personal favorite, drones. I was able to work on many school video projects including auction videos, football hype videos, and annual retreat videos. Throughout these experiences, my interest in videography turned into a passion. 

The next step

By the end of high school, I knew I would love to create videos for a living. I decided to pursue this dream in a field I had been immersed in growing up, sports. I was speechless when I toured 12 Man Productions $11.8 million facility at Texas A&M. I knew immediately this special place could get me to where I wanted to be. 

Rookie of the Year- Year 1

During my first semester at 12th Man Productions, I started in broadcast. I ran a handheld floor camera for volleyball and basketball games that aired digitally on ESPN +. With practice, I was assigned to these same responsibilities for linear broadcasts on the SEC Network. Continuing into spring, I worked with the baseball team in a post-production role. I thrived in this area. I got to help create intro videos, series recap videos, and shoot most home games and 2 away games. At the end of year 1, I was recognized as the "2018-2019 12th Man Productions Rookie of the Year".

Student of the Year- Year 2

While broadcast was a great experience, I wanted to elevate my post-production skills. This year I transitioned completely into a post-production role. My fall semester started by working on The Pulse Crew for football. I shot on gamedays and created short, cinematic recaps posted on social media the day after the game. My footage was also used to support Texas A&M Football's weekly TV show, The Pulse. After football ended, I had similar responsibilities for Men's Basketball. I traveled and created recap videos for social media and created content for in-venue big screen shows. I also gained exposure to shooting on a cinema camera, the Panasonic EVA 1. In just 2 years, I accomplished more than I ever dreamed to accomplish throughout my entire college career at 12th Man Productions. At the end of year 2, I was recognized as the "2019-2020 12th Man Productions Student of the Year".

Brendan vonBehren | brendanvb1@gmail.com